Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Fure Financial?

Investing, when done properly, is a long-term commitment requiring research and measured analysis. Emotions must be kept level when approaching the investing arena. Many fortunes have been destroyed by decisions made in a moment of fear or an instant of fearlessness. We are trained to maneuver with deliberation through the increasingly complex financial markets with your financial plan and well-being in mind.


Why should I choose a fee-only advisor?

As a fee-only firm, Fure Financial is beholden to no one other than our clients. Totally independent from outside sources; our only compensation comes from our clients. "Fee-only" means that we receive no other compensation other than the fee you pay; we do not sell products. This arrangement ensures that our recommendations are made with your best interests at heart!


What is the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification?

The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification is a professional (no federal or state law or regulation requires financial planners to hold CFP® certification) that represents a high level of professional education which requires passing a rigorous examination with 89 financial and legal topics, fulfilling experience and education metrics, and acting in an ethical manner.


What is a Registered Investment Advisor?

A Registered Investment Advisor is a firm that is registered with the state in which it does business, or with the Securities Exchange Commission, to provide investment advice. A Registered Investment Advisor is held to a Fiduciary Standard, meaning they are expected to act in the best interest of their client at all times. As fiduciaries, an advisor must employ a policy of full disclosure with their clients to help avoid potential conflicts of interest. As a fee-only investment advisor, Fure Financial removes potential conflict by accepting compensation only in the form of client fees.


Who will I work with at Fure Financial?

Fure Financial employs a proactive team approach, which means that any of our seasoned financial planning and investment management experts will be meeting with you and will be available to answer your questions and address any of your concerns. You may, of course, develop a relationship with one senior member and we will do our best to keep that consistent throughout.


As a client, will my children be able to use Fure Financial's services as well?

Yes, we believe that it is important and crucial to financial success for the entire family to be involved. In many cases, our clients have children who are just finishing college or starting out in their careers, and we welcome the opportunity to offer coaching and guidance with the many financial decisions they need to make. This offer may include assistance with employer benefits, budgeting, establishing retirement accounts, tax planning, etc.


Why use Fure Financial in lieu of a larger, institutional advisory firm?

Fure Financial provides an advisory relationship that exudes the "personal" touch. We are a boutique firm that keeps in close touch with our clients. Our financial advisors get to know our clients as individuals and not just "accounts." This personal interest creates a level of service which we believe cannot be matched by the larger financial companies and banks.


Who does Fure Financial use as custodian for my assets? Are my funds safe?

The primary custodian used by Fure Financial is TD Ameritrade, a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC); securities in each of your (separate) accounts are protected up to $500,000 per account, including coverage for up to $250,000 in cash.

TD Ameritrade also provides additional coverage. This supplemental coverage provides $149.5 million of coverage for each client; this coverage limits coverage on cash in the account to an additional $900,000. Each client is limited to a combined return of $150 million from a Trustee, SIPC or other supplemental insurance. TD Ameritrade has an aggregate total coverage of $250 million. This coverage provides you with protection against brokerage insolvency.

To be clear, SIPC does not protect your investment principal from market volatility; however, it does provide protection in the event the custodian of record - TD Ameritrade - goes out of business. For more information, go to


What is a fiduciary duty?

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we have a fiduciary obligation to act at all times in the best interest of our clients. This is the highest duty of loyalty, trust, and care established by law.

Does your firm pick individual stocks and bonds?

Typically not. We employ a mix of passive investments such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and actively managed mutual funds to build a broadly diversified portfolio designed to withstand market volatility and meet your financial goals.


What do you charge for financial planning services?

We never earn commissions by selling products.

Depending on your needs and scope of work, we provide three different fee schedules:

  • A percentage of investment assets being managed.
    • A fitting solution for wealth management clients generally with investable assets greater than $100,000.
  • Monthly “subscription”.
    • Great for our young professional clients who are in the wealth accumulation phase of their life.
  • One-time project fee.
    • Sometimes you just have a few burning questions and don't want ongoing financial planning services or investment management. We have limited availability for one-time projects each year as we believe financial planning is done best with an ongoing relationship.