About Us

As your financial consultant, Fure Financial’s goal is to build unparalleled, value-added relationships with our clients.  Meet our team, whose passion is in building trust, sharing knowledge, caring, and offering world-class service.

Fure Financial traces its roots to 1984 when Johannes Fure founded his independent financial services firm. Fure Financial is a pioneer in managing portfolios on a fee basis and using asset allocation strategies. Emphasis has always been placed on developing portfolios that have historically targeted high returns, with lower than normal risk.

The number of financial choices you need to make can be overwhelming. Warren Buffett said, “Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.” You need an ally to educate you on your options and help you find the right solutions for your unique situation. That's why we're here. Fure Financial has helped thousands of people over the years make smarter decisions about their money by helping them to become educated consumers and investors.

From the beginning, Fure Financial has dedicated itself to helping people understand the complexities of retirement planning, investing, managing assets and debt, risk management, and estate planning through educational workshops and personal consultations.